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Who Am I ?

YOUR GODDESS...the one whom you worship...the one who will slay your senses, bring out your inner fears....make you sweat with angst, beg with desire...squirm in agony, and leave you breathless.  I enjoy the control and domination I will have over you.  Submit to me....we BOTH know it's what you crave.  As your Mistress, I am the one who took hold of your heart, your mind, your circulatory and respiratory functions.  I am your Teacher, your Disciplinarian, your Master and your Punisher.  Here, you will know that exploring your weakness excites me; I thrive on your subjugation while you kneel for me and relinquish your senses to me.

Who Are You ?

...the one who thrives and aches to be dominated.  Your daily, mundane life ruling others or wish to rule others.  Your inner fears, insecurities and forbidden desires are begging for ME to carve them out of you.  You are interesting and intelligent, a leader in your 'real world.'  Yet here, you are MINE.  Subjecting yourself to my power, my strength, my demands.  Your submission to me is your therapy - your release.  You want me to taunt you, to belittle you, to break you until the brink of ecstasy - that delicate balance between pleasure and pain. Had enough? Is your heart pounding? I'm not done.  Not until you beg for more, and cry for forgiveness that your servitude fell short of my expectations.  Only then, will you feel fulfilled.

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